MarkManager - Start earlier, mark faster, wrap-up sooner

A graphic representing the overall MarkManager process

MarkManager is based on the conviction that reliable and accurate marking of "high-stakes" examinations is critical to excellence in assessment.

The solution presents candidate responses on-line for marking. It also automates the surrounding workflow to provide an end-to-end assessment solution for certifying authorities, awarding bodies, testing organisations and other educational institutions. MarkManager is highly scalable and supports examinations from a few thousand to millions of scripts, whether conducted at an institutional, regional or national level.

The on-screen marking process begins in earnest with the scanning of completed scripts submitted by candidates.

Additionally, scripts entered on-line by candidates and audio recordings are supported. In a controlled on-line environment, markers access the scripts remotely over the Internet for marking. Instantaneous marker reliability and performance data allows supervisors to manage the overall process and to take corrective action immediately.

Advantages over manual marking are not limited to cost reduction and time saving but also include increased fairness, reliability and accuracy of marking. On-screen marking can also assist with professional development, for example by encouraging the participation of teachers from remote areas, which incidentally increases the pool of available markers. Read more about the advantages of MarkManager.

You can also see whether MarkManager is right for your requirements.

With MarkManager you can start earlier, mark faster and wrap-up sooner.